Portfolio: Warwick Pride

Warwick Pride is an SU society for LGBTUA+ people, and uses their website to provide information to current and potential members. Accessibility for users with disabilities was a particularly important requirement.

The website is built on WordPress and was refreshed to give it a more modern and colourful appearance. A custom template was created for the landing page to allow for short-term notices to be added, highlighting important information to new and potential members.

Content was reorganised to give a more logical structure, and dead pages were pruned. Several changes were made to improve accessibility for users with disabilities, including adding hidden elements and additional semantics for users of screenreaders, and ensuring that the contrast met or exceeded the standards set in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Since the site was redesigned, web technologies and accessibilty guidelines have evolved quite a bit, and so the site is due to undergo a rebuild in the coming months.