Portfolio: NParsons.uk

My personal website was created to detail my research interests, software and projects that I have created, and provide smaller tech tips via a blog. Due to effective SEO, several of these pages rank very high in search results, and are regularly discovered by people looking to resolve specific technical issues.

Building the site with Grav CMS allowed for it to be hosted at home on a single-core Raspberry Pi B, which is a low-power single-board computer. The performance of Grav on such hardware is quite frankly impressive, whereas WordPress was so slow as to be completely unusable. Nowadays, the site has been moved to be hosted in a datacenter, alongside the other sites that I host.

Despite having been designed a few years ago, the style remains modern. I will soon be adding new features and pages, and due to the excellent modularity of Grav, and the continued currency of the design, this will be an easy job.