Portfolio: Daves-Bikes.co.uk

Daves-Bikes.co.uk was rebuilt from the ground up for ease-of-use, with a functionality-first approach. The client wanted a site that showcases his motorbike restoration projects, while allowing him to focus on the content.

A simple, consistent visual design was employed, with a timeline element used on the project pages to show progress. Powerful page templates allow the client to focus entirely on the content, requiring only the addition of a section break to specify the start of a new timeline node.

Content is predominantly visual, with many photographs corresponding to small sections of text, so Javascript was used to automatically create slideshows from a simple list of images. These slideshows logically group the content and allow visitors to more easily parse and navigate it.

To ensure that the landing page remains up-to-date, a template was used to automatically generate it based on the category tags of the child pages. This also ensures that the URLs for each page don't change when the status of a project is updated, avoiding the creation of dead links and benefitting search engine discoverability.

A detailed vector graphic was produced based on a photo of one of the client's restored bikes. The rugged, rocky title font complements the focus on trials bikes, and was combined with the vector graphic to create a logo with a trials bike riding over the rocky text.